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Bethel Tabernacle was founded by Pastors Mary & Ignace Buczynski in 1949. Rev. M. Buczynski was the first female minister in Preston to perform marriages and to hold the position of a minister.


The first services were held in a small hall with only a few people, but as the congregation grew the need for a larger place became necessary. Even after a second move, more and more people joined the congregation and the old mission house on King Street in Preston became crowded once again.  


With only two hundred dollars in the treasury and a message from God to buy lots and build a church, by faith the leaders and people obeyed.


In September 1949 the cornerstone was laid and by October 1955 the church was mortgage free. Still with the rapid growth of the congregation there was a need for a larger building.


In 1974 by God’s wonderful grace and the hard work, dedication and prayers of many the large auditorium that the congregation resides in today was erected.





Much of what Bethel Tabernacle is today is because of the faith, the prayers, the dedication and hard work of many saints that have now gone home to be with the Lord.


God is still moving at Bethel Tabernacle and has chosen these faithful vessels to lead His people:


Rev. John Buczynski (Pastor)

Rev. Roger Boettcher (Associate Pastor)

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